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Frequently asked questions

Is it Riad Sattouf himself who signs the prints?
Yes of course. The prints are numbered and embossed as and when orders are placed by the Impressions du Futur team, then signed in pencil by Riad Sattouf.

How are the prints shipped? How long will it take to receive them?
They are carefully packaged in tissue paper, slipped into tubes for the biggest, or packaged in cardboard envelopes for the smallest, then shipped by Colissimo.

I changed my mind, I don’t like the print anymore, can I get a refund?
Yes of course, but only if the package has not been opened. Send it back to us. Upon receipt of the package and after inspection, we will refund it to you if it has not been opened. We will not be able to refund shipping charges if they have been applied. Read the product description carefully before purchasing, as well as our terms of sale!

Is Riad Sattouf in charge of this shop?
No, Riad has a lot of work on his books and is not in charge of this shop. Prints and shipments are made from Paris, by Les Impressions du Futur.

What is Giclee printing?
This is a ten-ink printing technique (compared to 4 inks for conventional offset), ultra-high quality and very fade-resistant. It is a printing system for limited quantity fine art prints. The prints are made in France, on very high quality papers. Our prints are beautiful! You will see it by yourself very quickly!

Can I buy 20 prints of the same image?
Unfortunately, we have to limit the sale to 4 copies of a signed print, per buyer.

What if the print arrives damaged?
Be careful, make sure that the shipping tube or envelope has not been damaged during shipping and only accept the package if it is intact. If it is damaged, do not open it above all, refuse its delivery to the post office which will return it to us. We will replace it. We cannot replace any open package.

Is it possible to have the print signed in my name?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can, however, come and meet Riad during a dedication and he will be happy to do so.

Is it possible to choose the number of my draw?
Unfortunately, this is not possible! But all the prints are beautiful, regardless of their number!

Can I sell these art prints in my bookstore?
Unfortunately, it is very complicated to set up for the moment, because the prints are difficult to produce and are made in very small quantities.

I would like to buy an original drawing by Riad Sattouf, is this possible? who should I contact?
Riad hardly ever separates from its original drawings. But if that were to happen, it would indeed be on this website. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of all the news!

Is it possible to meet Riad Sattouf?
Yes, it is possible at signings and public meetings. To be kept informed, subscribe to our newsletter, or to his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account.

Can I contact Riad Sattouf through this website, to suggest that he participate in a project, or invite him to a dedication or a show?
No, for that, you must contact the publisher of his books, Allary Éditions, on their website.

When is The Arab of the Future volume 5 going to be released?
The 5th volume of the series will be released on November 5, 2020!

And Esther’s Notebook 6?
The 6th volume of the series is due out in 2021.